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School fees are charged to families at the start of the school year for the whole year.

The Tuition fee and Capital Fee are charged per family. The Curriculum fee (which consists of the Book Subject & ICT fee) and the Excursion Fee are charged per child.

2019 per Family Fee

Tuition Fee $1,600
Capital Fee $600
Total Fee $2,200 per family

2019 per Student Fee

Curriculum Fee $275
Excursion Fee $125
IT Levy $50
Total Fee $450 per student

Families are given the option to pay their fees upfront in full by the end of February or set up weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments via direct debit by completing a Direct Debit Request & Authorisation Form.

The direct debit method assists families to budget for regular payment of their school fees. It also assists with the regular cash flow of our school. This will enable the school to utilise these funds and purchase resources which will best benefit your child’s education as it’s required. School fees are compulsory.

The Direct Debit Authority will remain in place until your child finishes school.

If you require any changes to your Direct Debit authority you will need to complete a new form.

The direct debit amount will vary between families, depending on the number of children in one family.

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