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The foundational years at Our Lady of the Way provide an exciting and unique opportunity for our school community. Developing a family spirit and sense of community is truly important to us and we are designing a school with this is mind.

The wellbeing and welfare of children is the most essential element of any school. Within a Catholic school where Gospel values are at the core, our most vulnerable should receive great attention and support.

We will promote calm classrooms and playgrounds through the development of appropriate routines and structures that support child safety. We will proactively develop and implement programs and processes that foster belonging, resilience and the wellbeing of all students. It is essential that every child and family feel supported and concerns are acknowledged and acted upon, creating strong family and school partnerships.

As teaching staff are appointed, our focus will be on finding an enthusiasm for teaching and creating a culture where each student is known, valued and supported to become the sacred best versions of themselves. This is such an exciting opportunity and we look forward to welcoming you and your family.

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